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"Safe? ... Who said anything about safe? ‘Course he isn’t safe. But he’s good. He’s the King, I tell you."

C.S. Lewis


Josh Boston

is a fashion & commercial photographer, cinematographer, creative director, and aspiring author. He currently resides in Springfield, Missouri where he oversees a full-time freelance photography business. His experience in the creative industries includes being on staff at Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia as a global cinematographer and editor, creative director at James River Church in Springfield, Missouri, and developing and running his entrepreneurial business. 



"Having grown up in and working over 12 years across multiple creative industries, I've begun to see a gap between the orthodox and the artist, the traditional and the experimental, the church and the creative individual. I've worked inside and out of the church, with creatives, artists, and influencers inside and out of faith, and in that time began to see a widening issue at hand – churches and faith-based organizations are ill-equipped to train, lead and disciple creative individuals. It's an issue not entirely to their fault; we are a strange bunch of individuals. But there is certainly a gap. And as that gap widens, it seems the artists and creatives are being pulled away by culture's intrigue with followers, insta-fame, the hustle and grind, and a life of entrepreneurialism.  

Given that, I want to help foster a place in which conversation can take place by way of scripture & it's view on modern issues; by which to better unite the Divine and the daring artists, and help resource the innately creative. 

Simply stated, I want to begin a conversation.

A conversation that is geared to solving the gap between artistry and divinity – through the realms of writing, conversing, & creating resources aimed at aiding the creative populous."

– Josh 

You can find Josh's photography work and prints at Joshboston.photography and follow his journey at the links below. 


Photography: joshboston.co      Instagram: @josh_boston      Facebook: @joshboston



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