Artist, Eternal
Artist, Eternal
Finding the connection between the Divine & the Artist

A conversation about art, faith, & the creative career


This is a blog created to foster a conversation. It's for the artists, the creatives, inventors and engineers, creators and influencers, and the generally-intrigued. It's a conversation of how creativity and career collide with Divinity and spark an inferno of interest of how we, the created, respond to He, who created. It's the back and forth of how we apply an ancient, authoritative Truth to our modern day situations and circumstances.

And it's a conversation you're invited to be a part of. 


A Career Post: Forget the Hustle

"Jesus proclaimed a radical rendition of approaching how we view our personal need.

Quit trying."



A deeper look into modern day issues through the lens of scripture



Critically curated art, design & inspiration



Leadership lessons & business insight for growth & management


A Faith Post: Peace, Most Unlikely

"Peace is not just something God gives... "


The Monday Minute

Quotes, soundbytes & wisdom created for 60 second digest to kickstart your week


A Career Post: Top 5 Podcasts For Your Career

“When you listen to … two or three hundred thinkers, you become wise and develop your own voice."

– Tim Keller





"After 12 years across multiple creative industries, I began to recognize a gap between the orthodox and the artist, the traditional and the experimental, the church and the creative individual. I simply want to foster the conversation by way of scripture & it's view on modern issues through which to better unite the Divine and the daring artists, and resource the innately creative."

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